wtf am i now jus listening to blood orange?

25.Sep.14 5 days ago

also remember:

people are still fighting in ferguson.

a movement is building.

hundreds of thousands marched in nyc.

people are still amazing.

24.Sep.14 6 days ago

don’t forget:

ferguson: there is still no justice. there is still terror in the streets.

syria: our own bombs now fall. there are still millions without homes or a country.

palestine: people are still rebuilding. land is being taken, still.

just cuz its not trending doesn’t mean its not happening.

24.Sep.14 6 days ago
24.Sep.14 6 days ago
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17.Sep.14 1 week ago


1. Donny Hathaway

2. Seattle

3. Trees

4. Health

5. Friends

6. Bright Moons

7. the Internet

8. New Music

9. Thoughtful Ppl

10. Having too much New Music to Listen to

Wat are u thxful for?

14.Sep.14 2 weeks ago